About Us

We are a team of talented designers and furniture specialists connected by the desire to create unique, healthy solutions to the new challenges of modern commercial environments. From effective corporate branding, sophisticated new workplace designs, innovative lobbies, inspiring corridors, functional bicycle storage lockers, and everything in between, we design and create intelligent spaces for humans.

In our 25 years of working with many incredible clients, we have been given the opportunity to create healthy, beautiful, functional, and innovative workspaces.

Mission Statement

We design, create, and maintain beautiful, functional work spaces. We do this responsibly, efficiently, and with conscious attention to the health of people and our planet. We help other businesses do their work and achieve their goals by placing a long-term perspective in the flexible designs we create and in the products we sell. Having fun doing what we love makes it all that much better.

Where We’ve Been

Our talented and experienced workplace designers and professional services teams have been instrumental in developing and delivering unique solutions and services.
Inscape rock it slate bench
Acoustical Pane

Where We’re Going

New workplace solutions are required in today’s offices. Exceptional office spaces must consider the unique way in which employees will be working within and outside of their organizations both today and in the future. Organizations must consider the functional requirements of their workspaces and should also deliver sustainable solutions that enhance employee wellness and allow for flexibility of use and ease of communication both within the office setting and with external parties.

Green Initiatives

In the design of a new facility or in the redesign of an existing space, excess materials are left behind that become waste and become destined for the landfill.

Connect has put in place environmental policies and recycling programs to help minimize the impact on our environment.

Recycling Programs

Metals from previously used furniture
Printer toner and cartridges
Shred-It (all internal paper)
Markers and pens

Environmental Policies

Recycle or reuse whenever possible
Think before you print
Source furniture locally
Choose like-minded suppliers
Conscientious energy usage
Waste management
Furniture Sourcing (Local, and Refurbished)

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