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Connect provides ongoing support services to keep your space looking and performing to your highest standards. We will maintain the assets in your new work environment to keep the space productive and healthy. Our facility services include but are not limited to the cleaning and repair of furniture assets, addition of keyboard trays and monitor arms, mounting of whiteboards, artwork and AV, addition of height adjustability to workstations and coordination of furniture reconfigurations. Connect offers warehousing services for short term storage of furniture assets to assist you in your facility projects.

Workplace Services

  • Furniture additions, relocations and reconfigurations.
  • Upholstery cleaning.
  • Furniture repair.
  • Wall mounting of shelving, whiteboards, AV and artwork.
  • Delivery and installation of office furniture.
  • Service calls including regularly scheduled service calls.


  • Inventory of existing assets and review of existing office layout.
  • Development of improved office floor plan using a combination of existing and new assets.
  • Identify underserved needs and the solutions.
  • Dismantle, reconfigure, and re-install office furniture to optimize workspace.


  • Short term warehousing of client furniture assets.

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