Brookfield Corporate Office Comes Together Under One Roof

Background Information

Brookfield Properties made a strategic decision to relocate their corporate office unit to Brookfield Place on a full floor adjacent to the existing head office. It was paramount that the design align with corporate workplace standards that included open plan workstations, private meeting space, collaboration zones, and a consideration for employee wellness.

Modern Office Design in a Unique Space

Connect Resource Managers and Planners Inc. has had an ongoing relationship with Brookfield Properties for over 15 years, facilitating both day-to-day office and furniture updates as well as base building renovations and tenant build-out projects throughout the downtown portfolio.

Connect was thrilled to have the opportunity to work closely with Brookfield’s New York head office, ensuring their numerous design parameters and branding standards were met as part of this transformational project.

The recently vacated 26,000 square foot space had housed a long-term tenant in a dated and segregated office environment – discordant from current workplace standards that promote access to light, improved communication and collaboration, and workplace wellness for all employees.

Furthermore, the existing floor plate combined multiple changes in floor levels, heritage architecture within a newer building, old service areas, varied ceiling heights, and many challenges to meet current barrier-free accessibility and building code requirements.

Connect’s challenge was to find creative solutions that balanced design and aesthetics with client function and building code standards within existing heritage conditions

Developing New Furniture Standards

Careful and exacting planning was required to develop one workstation standard for all employees across a varied platform of users.

A “no private office” mandate necessitated that Connect provide a workstation with personal storage solutions, accommodations for mobile and fixed technology, acoustical privacy, and ergonomics–while maintaining an open and light filled space. Connect’s workstation solution, combined with an integrated white noise system, allowed Brookfield to maximize staff density in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Connect’s in-house furniture team seamlessly integrated the furniture sourcing and installation into the project schedule.

On-site Hypercare was provided post move, ensuring “on the spot” troubleshooting for all employees and facilities staff.

Bringing the Vision to Life

Connect brought forward an integrated team of industry consultants and in-house professionals to work with Brookfield to bring their vision to life. Connect’s process included early stage feasibility space planning, budgeting and scheduling. Multiple computer renderings of the concept and workstations were used to help the client visualize their new work environment.

Detailed contract documents and proactive project management, including the construction phase, furniture installation, and move management came together to successfully deliver the project exactly on schedule and to the client’s satisfaction.


The Connect team worked closely with Brookfield to make sure its new workspace in Brookfield Place met its corporate workplace standards.

Connect provided strategic space plans and designs to develop this new workspace in an innovative and aesthetically pleasing way, while meeting Brookfield’s desire to have a consistent workstation standard for all levels of employee.

From vision to final outcome, Connect and Brookfield worked in partnership to make this important initiative an unqualified success.

Connect Resource Managers and Planners Inc. is a team of experienced commercial interior design and furniture specialists with a passion to help businesses create productive, functional, unique and healthy work spaces. Learn more about our workplace solutions.

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