Enwave Creates Industrial Character in a “Class A” Building

Background Information

Enwave Energy Corporation decided to move its offices to a new location in the downtown Toronto core. Their vision for the new space included an “industrial feel” within a Class A building, while maintaining a strong brand presence.

Enwave toured several spaces and were excited and inspired by open concept plans with branding opportunities. They were coming from an existing office where the entire perimeter was private offices, meeting rooms, and workstations with high panels – segmenting staff from each other and cutting off communication and collaboration. There was a significant culture change in putting everyone in workstations.

This challenge required an innovative design that would combine the old with the new; a nod to Enwave’s history within a collaborative and employee-friendly modern workspace.

Developing the Perfect Plan

Connect Resource Managers and Planners Inc. was selected to partner with Enwave because of its familiarity with the building and its ability to implement creative, yet practical ideas within new work environments.

Connect worked with Enwave from the outset of this project, providing early stage concept designs and space plans so the new offices would fulfill the client’s vision. Time and attention was spent developing privacy for those who needed it, while maintaining access to light for all employees. Computer renderings were produced for a workstation standard that had an interesting workstation configuration.

Due to the unique requirements for the space, smart furniture selection, and implementation was crucial.

History Combined with Modern

One of Enwave’s foremost objectives was to maintain company history and personality while making it comfortable and welcoming for both employees and guests. This was accomplished by Connect’s creative design that seamlessly showcased Enwave’s industrial legacy throughout the space.

Connect transitioned Enwave from high panels, cubicles and closed offices to an open-concept, collaborative workspace that would increase employee engagement and productivity.


This challenging project resulted in the perfect blend of maintaining a link to the past with a modern office, employee-friendly design. Pieces of Enwave’s history are visible throughout the new space, and the strong brand presence that has been instrumental in Enwave’s growth has been maintained.

This initiative represented a significant evolution in how Enwave’s offices are structured and how their people do their jobs. The new open-concept, multi-functional office design has resulted in a more productive and collaborative work environment.

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