Nestlé Undergoes Transformation to Accommodate the Mobile Employee

Background Information

Nestlé, a large food and beverage company, wanted to create a flexible and agile working arrangement – allowing their people to work from home and turning their physical office space into a collaborative work environment. Another one of their key goals was to attract and retain talent.

Half the Square Footage, Double the Productivity

Some additional space requirements included:

  • Relocation of the mailroom from the ground floor
  • Company test kitchen, for product tasting, testing, and soliciting feedback
  • Creating a company store, where products are offered to staff at a discounted price

Connect Resource Managers and Planners Inc. provided space plans and designs for this new concept workspace that were aligned with Nestlé’s core values and brand standards.

Designs were developed specifically for a food and beverage company; facilities, work flows, type of employees/work performed, etc. This resulted in a fit-for-purpose workspace design and implementation.

Meeting Unique Furniture and Technology Requirements

Connect developed a design that included a vision for the best suited furniture to address the need for employees to work differently and with maximum agility in the new workspace. This included sit-stand workstations and a variety of ancillary furniture settings for the various collaborative and social spaces.

Each staff member received an assigned locker where they could store personal and work items.

Technology was a critical design factor, ensuring all employees were connected wherever they were physically situated at any given time. Laptops could easily be connected to monitors and other resources at each workstation.

Building Brand Presence and Creating the Plan

Connect collaborated with Nestlé marketing team to effectively represent the brand in the built space.

Using smart graphic design, Connect incorporated wayfinding and signage throughout the office to make the space welcoming for employees and guests alike.

Making the Vision a Reality

To make Nestlé desire for a new way to do work come alive, Connect’s team was involved every step of the way; from early stage concept discussions, through space planning and design, furniture selection and implementation, and coordination of construction management:

  • Feasibility planning
  • Detailed space plans
  • Concept and design development
  • Working drawings
  • Project management
  • Furniture and procurement


This bold project resulted in a paradigm shift in the way Nestlé operates and how people do their work. It resulted in a more productive and collaborative work environment that was designed around work activities. Nestlé also realized significant cost savings due to the reduced office space.

According to Nestlé, Connect was instrumental in assisting them in moving this initiative forward from vision and concept to a highly successful implementation and outcome.

“Nestlé is pleased with the way Connect helped us transition from a traditional workspace environment to one that supports our flexible and mobile workforce, while still maintaining our brand presence. Connect understood our goals from the beginning and worked with us to meet our objectives within our timelines and budget.”

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