Just Like Everywhere in the World, in Every Industry, The Impacts of Covid-19 can be Felt in the Office | Connect Resource

Just like everywhere in the world, in every industry, the impacts of Covid-19 can be felt in the office. The pandemic has changed how we work and forced many teams apart, interrupting work and projects. But where adversity and challenge exists, ingenuity and innovation is never too far behind.

Helping companies get back to their usual flow is of great importance right now, but to do that, the health and safety of each employee is the priority. So to make sure offices can be safe to return to, precautions and modifications are needed. With flexiglass dividers between work stations, a clear barrier between people can be established, without removing light or space, helping ensure communication and the health of the workers.

Making sure each person remains safe, healthy and happy is one of our main goals. Combined with ensuring businesses can return to their normal rhythm and get back on their feet, we are always looking how to design, create and maintain beautiful and innovative workspaces, with conscious attention to the health of people in mind.

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