With modern technology, the workspace has been transformed in many great ways, but for all of its advancements, it can never replace a face to face conversation. A handshake will never be beaten by technology. And it is for this that offices are so important.

A true connection between company and client is always best done across a table, not across video call. And whilst the current global situation may make returning to the workplace a little slower than some may have hoped, it will not be long until the offices are at full momentum once again. Whilst it may seem to be simply just a place of work, each office space is the lifeblood of the company, where all the action happens.

It has been a tough few months for everyone, no one has been immune to the effects of Covid-19, especially on businesses, on the workspace. But soon it will be time for the full return of activity once again to the office space. At Connect Resources, we understand the importance of the office. The face-to-face interactions between each worker, each member of your team is crucial to a company’s rhythm. Video and voice calls can achieve much, but it misses the key beats of the office morale. And it is time that beat was restored.

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