Here at Connect Resource, two of the things we are infinitely passionate about is the environment and our great nation. We believe strongly in building offices that not only use environmental friendly materials and furniture where possible, but also those that help create a sustainable office space that looks to longevity and functionality, as well as beautiful design.

And it is even better when we can combine this with the expert crafted materials that Canada has to offer. We live in an awe inspiring land of stunning beauty, with a wealth of some of the best building materials that can be found in the world. And in every build we make, we always want to bring the best of Canada to the offices we help design, create and maintain.

So when we can not only use Canadian made, but also combine with those that help and look after the environment, we make sure to do so. At Connect Resource, we are proud to say we are Canadian and prouder still to say we use Canadian made in our builds.

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