When it comes down to it, the office is the hub of a company. It is the main information centre, providing every update and helping plan every move. And when you take it away, it can often be hard for both employee and boss to keep everything running as smooth.

The office supervises and evaluates each member of staff and makes sure that the company is heading towards each goal and target. And as it is taken away, it can often be hard to keep fully on track and on task. With everyone in the same building, it can be easy to make sure messages and updates are passed between each worker, allowing for quick communication and instant course corrections should something arise.

However, with so many working from home, it sadly lacks the structure that is provided in the office. Often employees can only communicate with their higher ups at singular points in each day, with jobs that would normally only take a day stretching to several as messages take time to get to each person. The office space allows for smooth and dynamic working environment, that allows for each worker to be at their best and keep the company moving forward.

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